Established: December 24, 2008
Chairman: M.K. Lin
President: Peter Tseng
Capital: 3.75 billion dollars
Employees: 11,370
Main Products: Switching power supplies and LED lighting products

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Core Value

  For many years, with joint efforts of the management team and all employees, Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd. has developed into a transnational computer peripheral product manufacturer. There are branch offices in the world's major countries, s uch as the United States, Germany, Japan, and other countries. The main production base is located in China. The total numbers of employees are more than twenty thousand people. We realize, as a multinational large enterprise, we have to shoulder corporate social responsibility. Based on this belief, we support and implement the conduct code of " Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC)," protect employees’ human rights and welfare, research and develop environmental protection and energy conservation products, promote energy-saving carbon reduction action, the impact of product manufacturing on the environment. The same idea is also implemented in the establishment of the headquarter building of the Chicony Group which meets the green building gold-level specification, will be expectedly completed by 2015 as the new landmark in New North City, drive the neighborhood for green community construction, and promote the space quality of the whole community.

  In the aspect of social participation, we are actively involved and participate in many social welfare activities at home and abroad. In recent years, when several international major disasters occurred, such as the typhoon-Morakot-caused floods, China Wenchuan Earthquake and Japan 311 earthquake, our company and employees provided supplies and donated money in the first place to assist disaster areas in rescue and reconstruction. Chicony has been sustained sponsorship for many years to support many public welfare units and disadvantaged groups, including Taiwan Health Foundation, Liver Disease Prevention & Treatment Research Foundation, and Tzih Hual Social Welfare Foundation, to assist these units in having sufficient resources to complete their lofty mission.

  Chicony regards our staff as the most important position. We have been devoted ourselves to creating safe and comfortable working environment and living space for a long time. Especially, for female colleagues’ health and safety, we provide special care, making all employees develop the career lives with no worries. With the salary and welfare standards better than the market level, we assist staff in promoting personal quality of life. To nurture the elites in Chicony, corresponding to individual career development, we design a complete training course blueprint for our employees. Also, we conduct the projects of executive master and cooperative education with outstanding institutions, such as National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, and National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. We try to attract outstanding staff through providing student scholarship and the scholarship system and encourage employees self-learning development. Simultaneously, in order to confirm future competitiveness of the country, Chicony also provides Taiwanese colleagues with high maternity benefits in our pro-natalist policy.

  In the future, Chicony will focus on the development of green products and setting up a labor care system to ensure sustainable development of the enterprise and take enterprises’ social responsibility towards the next stage with all partners. We also expect the public will be able to give us support, recommendations, and encouragement.

Chairman of the Board Lin Maogui



Mar. We won the Sony PlayStation quality improvement certificate of appreciation

Sep. We won the HP HPSS Quality and HP Power HPSS Supplier Award of the year.

Dec. Our company won the Inventec Best Supplier Award


Aug. Our company won the Dell Quality Award、HP Outstanding Distributor, and HP Outstanding Quality Award.

Sep. Our company won the Perfect Quality Award from Lenovo

Oct. Our company won the Quality Award from Foxconn, Wistron Best Quality Award

Nov. Move to the Chicony Smart & Green Building


Apr. Our company won the Lenovo Excellence Supplier Award, HP Quality Systems Award and Tsinghua Tongfang New Supplier Award and acquired 78.125% stake of Zhu Zhou Torch Auto Lamp Co., Ltd.


Jul. Our company acquired 78.125% stake of Wits Light Technology Co., Ltd and won Lenovo Supplier Diamond Award, Microsoft Best Power Supplier Award, and NEC Outstanding Supplier Award.


Jan. Our company was listed company at emerging stock market.

Apr. The new building of the head office in New Taipei Sanchong began construction with 39 floors above ground and 4 floors underground, providing space enough for future development of our company.

Nov. Our company won HP Best Partner Award, Lenovo Supplier Diamond Award, Microsoft Best Power Design Award, Wistron Outstanding Supplier Award, and Targus Outstanding Quality Award and was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Code 6412).


May. The LED production lines were built at GaoXiaoDianZi(DongGuan)YouXianGongSi.

Oct. Surplus to capital increase (including employee bonus) was conducted with the paid-up capital increased to NT $ 3,258 million.

Nov. Our company completed public offering of shares, approved by FSC, and won Microsoft Best Partner Award, Lenovo Supplier Diamond Award, and HP Best Supplier Award.


May. Invested and set up Chicony Power Technology (Chong Qing) Co., Ltd.

Dec. Surplus (including employee bonus) to capital increase was conducted with the paid-up capital up to NT $ 27.22 billion.


Jan. LED Business Department was established.

Aug. Capital reserve and surplus to increase capital was conducted with the paid-up capital up to NT $ 2.416 billion.

Sep. GaoXiaoHong Kong Ltd. through indirect investment was renamed as Chicony Power Technology Hong Kong Co., Ltd. and our company won Fujitsu Best Partner Award.


Feb. Ordinary stocks are issued to undertake the original GaoXiao with the paid-up capital up to NT $ 81 million.

Apr. Cash replenishment was conducted with the paid-up capital up to NT $ 2,081 million.

Jul. Through turn investment, Chicony Power Holdings Inc. was established and Chicony Power International Inc. was established then through such turn investment; also, our company bought Hipro Technologies, Inc. and GaoXiao Hong Kong Ltd. from Hipro Overseas (BVI) Inc. and indirectly obtained overseas production bases.

Oct. The Hipro Technologies Inc. through indirect investment was renamed as Chicony Power USA Inc and our company won Microsoft Best Quality Supplier Award and TOSHIBA Best Partner Award.


Dec. Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd. established


  • Provide customer satisfaction

    Customer Orientation


  • Strive for the welfare of colleagues

    Humanity Management

    Respect for the Individual

  • Create the company’s development

    Humanity Management

    Respect for the Individual

  • Create the human happiness

    Quality Innovation

    For the benefits of all mankind

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